Timely preventive measures and effective treatment of pests is very essential to maintain the sanctity of the office or house premises. We not only take all the preventive measures to prevent any kind of infestation of the pests in the office/home, but in any such situation our effective treatments are available to remove any such problem.

Handiman is one of the leading pest control companies in India with over 20 years of experience.

We use environment friendly pest repellers to get rid of various kinds of pests. Our services can be used to control pests at your home and office premises.


Pest Control Spraying

Eco Friendly

Regular Cleaning


Our List of Services includes:

  Cockroach Control
  Bedbug Control
 Mosquito Control
  Rat Control
  Ants Control
Fly Control
Rodent Control

Bird Control
Termite Control
Bee Control
Weed Control
Snake Management
Wood-borer Control
Fumigation Services