Right Person Profile

We believe that it is the people who makes the difference when it comes to outstanding service delivery. Handiman always stands for investing in its people. We at Handiman abide and put monumental efforts to attract and hire the right people to be the best at what we do. It defines the right talent fitment for an organization which provides right direction to select the best. Handiman Right Person Profile is being defined by the following:

 Independent Thinking
 Learning Orientation
 Problem Solving

Organizational Values

In the truest sense Handiman exists for its customers, and our values are cemented on this fact. It bestows a path for our employees and embarks a common framework for our people. The values guides the perspective of Handiman as well as its actions. Values are that part of us which is non-negotiable. It defines the attributes which is required to be embodied by employees while working at Handiman. Handiman Values are:

 Customer at Core
 Human Values
 Capability Building

Work Philosophy

Work philosophy is a set of guiding principles for behavior and we at Handiman have our own work philosophy which every employee needs to incorporate in his/ her life as we do share a common goal of achieving our goals being a good human being. Our work philosophy acts as a moral compass which facilitates work behavior of our employees to work for a unified cause. In Handiman we practice 8 work philosophy which helps any individual to live their life in a better and controlled way.

 High Ethical Standard
 Sense of Urgency
Create Wealth, Share Wealth
 Performance Culture
 There has to be a method to whatever we do
 Nothing waits for anybody work will be done by the deadline
 Nothing is Impossible but the Question is how?
 Take the law in your hand if that is in your customer's interest

Work Ethics

Work ethics is a framework which define the work character of an organization. It serves as a guide in our daily business interactions towards desired work behavior. It is an ethical principle that places greatest value on hard work at once job or duty. A strong work ethic is vital to a company achieving its goal. At Handiman each employee is expected to display integrity and discipline by following the work ethics.

Foundational Factors:
1. 100 % Implementation of Discipline
2. Speed of response
3. Pre-preparation

Productive Drivers:
1. Focus on Results, not on activity.
2. Separate Issue & Person for a dispassionate discussion on performance or progress tracking.
3. Responsible existence

1. Being Responsive & Responsible
2. Route to Achievement is through building capability than diluting the goal
3. Communication is not about sending — about reaching

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